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City of Georgetown 
Transit Development Plan

What is the Transit Development Plan?

The City of Georgetown and CapMetro are working to update Georgetown’s existing Transit Development Plan, which was adopted in 2016, to evaluate and address increased mobility needs for the rapidly growing community.

Georgetown TDP Study Area

Georgetown TDP Study Area

The Transit Development Plan will identify gaps in existing local and regional transit services and recommend opportunities to improve mobility and increase access to economic opportunities, healthcare, and other essential services and resources in areas that currently fall outside of the CapMetro service area.

The updated plan will give the City the opportunity to participate in CapMetro’s Regional Service Expansion Program and make recommendations to improve transportation options in Georgetown. These recommendations will be developed through a comprehensive, analytical, and collaborative process and will eventually be presented to City Council for consideration.

What is the process?

Why is the City developing the plan?

Anticipated Timeline

This process will:

  • Proactively involve the Georgetown community in reviewing plan progress and collecting public input.

  • Assess and identify demographics, key destinations, and land use to understand the existing transit environment and communities in need of additional mobility options.

  • Assess existing local and regional transit service to identify current transit supply and identify potential gaps in transit service.

  • Anticipate future transit demand, recommend potential mobility solutions, and cost estimates.

  • Develop a roadmap for adoption and implementation.

The Georgetown TDP team will be reporting to the City Council about the proposed transit recommendations and feedback our team received in this process.

City Council Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2024

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Georgetown TDP timeline

Engaging with the community throughout the planning process will ensure the City of Georgetown’s transportation initiatives are informed by residents and that the City’s efforts are responsive, equitable, and effective. By gathering and incorporating feedback from Georgetown residents, transit customers, and key stakeholders, Georgetown can ensure that the updated Transit Development Plan accurately reflects the needs and priorities of the community.


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